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Top App Trends Which Will Dominate 2021

From luxuries in the 1980s to an elementary need of 2020, mobile phones have shown massive transformation in the last few decades. With this transformation, mobile application technology has constantly kept growing. And now, it's the innovative applications which play a significant role in the smartphone industry to stay at its peak.


Today, businesses all around the globe look forward to software development and user-friendly mobile applications development as a solution to expand their services and reach out to their customers. Also, customer preferences, increasing business requirements, and a variety of factors have a direct impact on the trends seen in mobile applications. Investing in the latest technological applications with a focus on key facets like mobile app development, mobile app design, computer software, etc and merging them with upcoming trends will benefit businesses like never before. 

Here’s the list of some mobile app development trends that will dominate the smartphone market in 2021:

5G Technology


With the growth of technology, there has been diversification and an increase in the range of cellular connectivity around the globe. 5G technology is expected to lead data transmission with billions of devices worldwide in the coming 5 years.

5G Technology.png

Make 5G a priority for your business in 2021. It will pay off big time.

This advanced technology has been one of the most awaited mobile app development trends, because it will change the way apps are designed and created by developers. 5G technology is expected to be 100 times faster than 4G and will give rise to computing-incentive applications like augmented reality, virtual reality, and 4K video streaming. Through this technology, businesses can enhance their performance by creating advanced mobile app designs and features. Thus, Businesses must ensure that they consider 5G technology before taking a high leap to integrate more features without having a significant impact on the quality and performance of their application.

AI and Automation


AI and Automation are making mobile applications even more popular. AI, Automation, and Machine Learning have changed the world and made lives easier. It has taken mobile app development to the next level, with just one command getting work done with ease. Integration of these technologies into mobile application development services will make business processes even smoother by improving user engagement and reducing operational cost by automating routine tasks.

Also, the emergence of chatbots has changed the way businesses interact with their customers through mobile phones in real-time without human interaction. Customers can connect with your business anytime and anywhere with the help of these chatbots. Companies can also get instant feedback and insight on their customer's data which can help them improve their strategy. 


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Today the technology of AR and VR is ruling the gaming industry. But the trend of 5G technology will be giving rise to augmented and virtual reality in mobile applications for various other industries as well. Real Estate, Cosmetics, Fashion, etc. can implement VR and AR to improve customer experiences and offer brand new ones at the same time. Businesses can offer enhanced services and product trials to their customers with AR and VR technology, integrated into their pre-existing mobile applications.


This technology will not only help businesses stand among the crowd but also gain recognition and build an unforgettable brand image. However, the application for this technology can even go further in the critical business field such as security, health, training, industrial maintenance, and more.

Internet of Things (IoT)


The increasing number of mobile devices and advanced technology has given rise to the internet of things, or IoT. In this digital era, every gadget or household appliance can be built with internet access. The technology of IoT enables people to connect their houses with electronic devices that can be managed and operated by their smartphones.


This advanced technology in mobile app development is moving consumers to live smarter lives. Incorporating this technology enables automated control and convenience to users. 

Smart home technology is the best example of the rise in mobile app development and IoT, where one can make use of their mobile application to lock, unlock their door, connect to air conditioners, refrigerators, and home security systems, all in just one click. In the coming years, IoT will be the most preferred choice of mobile app developers.

Internet of Thing.png

Cloud-based Mobile Applications


From business to customers, we all have heard about cloud technology and the way it's impacting our lives. Cloud computing has eventually established its place today in the Mobile App development zeitgeist. Cloud-based technology will be becoming much more popular across the world in 2021. It is expected that more applications will be integrated with cloud services to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and enhance the user experience of mobile applications in 2021. Powerful mobile applications can directly fetch data from the cloud and take minimum space in a smartphone’s internal memory. Additionally, flexibility and scalability of cloud technology will enable businesses to access data more quickly and securely.

Cloud based application.png

So how do you get started?


It has been noticed that mobile application trends are continuously changing and the huge advancement of technology in the field of mobile application development will make our lives much easier and convenient. 


Today, digital transformation is happening in full fledged vigor, yet finding the right mobile application developer could be a difficult task for your business.


At Newlit Technologies, we have an international team of programmers, software engineers, and application developers. We help you build applications and software which will embody your business model. We offer mobile application development services for business management and internal processes with an integrated digital and business cloud integration system. 


Get in touch today with Newlit Technologies for professional guidance and a piece of advice on the matter.

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