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Don't Ignore These Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

We all know how Digitalization has changed the world and has taken over the real world. 


With the emergence of social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, consumers more often spend their time on these online channels. With the help of Digital Strategies, it becomes easier for businesses today to target the right audience at the right time. Digital Marketing is dramatically helping businesses to cut down their expenditure along with advertising a wide range of products and services on multiple platforms.

Well, many of you may still think that you're ready to dominate the marketing scenario of the coming decade, but wait, hold on, there’s much more to it!


At the dawn of the new decade, a lot is going to change in the marketing world. The marketing tactics may remain the same but the approach would be revolutionary - the next generation calls for something fresh, something pioneering - data-driven marketing powered by Machine Learning and Automation.


Today technology is changing unpredictably, and with the changing world around us, marketing is no exception. For businesses to remain relevant with these evolving changes in the market, they need to be prepared to readily adopt transforming changes and latest trends. Incorporating these transformed technologies into business activities helps businesses keep their marketing game on point.


If you want to stay ahead of the competition in the digital world, you need to be forward-thinking. This means your business needs to be up to date with the advent of advanced technology and upcoming digital marketing trends in the market to lead the industry.

Here is the list of upcoming digital marketing trends for 2021 :

Artificial intelligence and Automation


Today the field of marketing has not remained what it was 10 years ago. Marketing for this generation is all about technological illusions and smart solutions. The presence of AI and automation will be incredibly increasing in the field of business and marketing. The implementation of AI and automation will enhance marketing processes by modifying the campaigns, enhancing communication, analyzing customer’s data, and tracking sales. Not only this, but AI and automation also helps in predicting consumer behavior and their buying patterns and uses data from various platforms to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services in the market. It also reduces workload, minimizes human errors, and carries out complex tasks on part of employees. The expected growth for AI in the business operation is about 53% in the coming year and it will soon be one of the driving forces behind many services. Adopting the trend of AI and automation can enable any business to cut off its operating cost and accelerate growth by getting an edge over their competitors.

pexels-alex-knight-2599244 (1).jpg

Ensure your analytics are seeing steady growth by increasing your focus on SEO best practices today.

Programmatic Advertising


The emergence of programmatic advertising is speedily changing the way of Digital advertising.

Programmatic advertising makes use of AI and automation in buying and selling ads in real-time. This allows businesses to target a more specific audience. Real-time Bidding is a perfect programmatic purchase. In the coming years, programmatic ads will be one of the most preferred ways of running ad campaigns in Digital Marketing. This method of automation is more efficient and faster, which leads to a higher conversion rate and lower customer acquisition cost. By 2021, programmatic ads will be a digital display for every marketer in the industry.


Voice Search


Speech is more conversational than typing which is why Voice Search is gaining more and more popularity and making its way to our home. This increasing use of voice search has made marketers rethink their Digital Marketing strategies for 2021. Voice search will become a goldmine for marketing and advertising, as it lets prospects use their voice on a smart speaker, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Also, the trend of voice search/virtual assistant will have a greater impact on search engines for long keywords and conversations in the coming year.


Emergence of voice search assistants has birthed an entire industry overnight.

Emergence of Augmented Reality 


While VR has been more known in recent years, AR has been outperforming it. As the customer experience is gaining more and more importance, in the coming years the need for AR technology is rising. It is turning much more implementable from a marketing standpoint. Brands can now enhance their customer experience and increase sales with this technology. The technology of AR makes communication between the brand and the customer more realistic. Shopping online was unfavorable for consumers due to a lack of physically experiencing the product, but today it has become easier on part of consumers to interact with the products online more intuitively before purchasing with the help of AR.


AR - a futuristic tech that is highly feasible for brands today.

Conversational Marketing


Robots are the future, but they don't seem to be far away. The advent of chatbots in marketing cannot be termed as an exact robot, but similar to a virtual marketing assistant. These chatbots are becoming pivotal in the Digital Marketing trend in 2021. The time to include conversational marketing in your Digital Marketing strategies has arrived. Implementation of these chatbots enables businesses to enhance their customer experience. Customers can now engage with the brands online and interact with them in real-time. And unlike conventional marketing, conversational marketing is available across multiple channels. Conversational marketing also helps in increasing customer satisfaction by promoting a one-to-one feedback-driven model which facilitates higher engagement.

Influencer Marketing 


Influencer marketing is similar to word of mouth marketing on the digital platform. Getting people to endorse a product has always been an effective way to advertise. Influencer marketing focuses on the key leader to amplify the brand’s message to a larger audience. Influencers may not just be the well-known celebrities, but also Instagram or Youtube personalities with huge niche followers. These influencers help businesses spread the word about their brands or products on various social platforms. Influencer marketing is now gaining popularity in digital marketing strategies. This not only costs less for business to market but also impacts the target audience differently. 


Influencers have a dedicated following ready to listen to every word - leverage them!

Video Marketing


Video marketing may not be the most popular trend today, but it is likely to be one in the next 3-5 years. And in today’s tech-savvy world, video is becoming a valuable commodity for Digital Marketing. Consumers are making a shift towards mobile devices, and video marketing is leading to become the real king. It is the most popular way that customers learn about the products they like. It also allows businesses to deliver accurate information creatively. Youtube, Netflix, Facebook Live are industry leaders, and the marketing content that was earlier watched on television is now projected onto their phone in just a single click of a button. Research states that in a couple of years 80% of internet traffic will be served by videos.


How Can You Leverage These Trends?


The most prominent trends show that digital marketing goes in the direction of building more personal relationships with targeted niche markets. But the means of making those relations relies on automation and advanced technology that drives the market. 


So step into the new age with Newlit Technologies. We offer a whole range of services specifically curated to ensure our clients stay at the cutting edge of digital marketing. 2021 is right around the corner, so open your doors to new innovations with a free consultation from our experts today!

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