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Signs You Need To Redesign Your Website

Your Website is the face of your Brand - it doesn't just reflect the product or service that you offer, it also reflects the solutions you offer to the problems. Moreover, it is also the very first place consumers will go to learn more about your business. 


Outdated websites can hurt your SEO ranking and take away your consumers. It's essential to keep your website working hard to retain your consumers, attract new customers, and create leads. Your website needs to sync with your business while redesigning your website can refresh your brand identity.


But how do you know there’s a need for Website Development?

Web Design4.png

The realization that it is time to update your website doesn’t feel mandatory to many, but lack of leads, insanely high bounce rates, etc. are a couple of surefire signs that your business may be missing out on some key avenues to really grow your business exponentially.


With the latest updates and futuristic trends rolling out each day, it is necessary to move along with the wind.


Here are a few major signs which highlight the need for Web Design: 

Mobile Friendly 


Having a mobile-friendly and mobile-first website plan is the need of the hour for businesses today. Moreover, research states that more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, so these mobile users cannot be overlooked.


Also, did you know that Google Search now advocates and promotes websites that look fantastic on mobile devices?


Not having a user-friendly mobile version for your web development plan can damage your ranking despite putting your best SEO efforts.

Mobile App

Create an identity for your website which focuses on a mobile-first approach.



UI and UX play an essential role in winning your customers' confidence. User Interface and User Experience majorly help you in improving customer loyalty and satisfaction through enjoyment, ease of use, and overall utility of your advanced developed website. 

If your site looks professional and contains all relevant and useful information, the consumer may look at you as an expert. A poorly outdated site, bad user interface, and difficulty in navigation can usually create a negative experience and prevent visitors from returning to your website. The high number of consumers engaging on your website indicates the greater success of your UI and UX methodologies.


Every part of the website creates an impression of user experience. Having a strong UI/UX and web development software is key to sustaining users on your website.


Good UI/UX habits ensure your consumers can get to where you want them to, in as few clicks as possible.

Security Concern


Is your Web Developer providing you high security assurance in your web development plan?

Websites get hacked every day. Hence, being secure in the online world matters the most. It is vital to protect your site and the data it holds. Outdated security measures can be eaten up by modern hacking attacks. Make sure your website is built with modern web development tools and the latest web security plan. At times, a year-old security technology can also be outdated. Unsecured websites with warnings of mixed content tend to lose credibility in SEO ranking and eventually lose their customers. 


It always pays to be vigilant to threats, especially as your business grows.

Content and Design 


Lack of up-to-date content can lead to the downfall of your SEO ranking. Make sure your web designer is keeping your website up-to-date. SEO is mostly influenced by your content, while the design of your website also plays an important role. Regular updates of the content on your website is a must as consumers rely on you for useful information. Also, adding blog posts on trending topics, updating upcoming events, etc. are required for websites to rank the SEO.

Web Design

Regular updates ensure your consumers know you are thinking about them.

Unfavorable Bounce Rate 


The bounce rate is a percentage of visitors who arrive on your website and leave without visiting the second page of your website. An unfavorable bounce rate is a clear sign of an outdated and poorly performing website. Your website faces a significant drop off in traffic and leads because visitors don't find what they are looking for. An upgrade on the website is needed to bring visitors back to your website. 

Web Design2.png

Knowing your bounce rate can impact your business strategies in an exponential way.

Website Speed


Does your web page load slowly? It should not take more than 5 seconds for your e-commerce website to load any page. One of the biggest problems in our everyday lives is that we are running out of time. And in this fast-paced world, no one would hang on to your website if it takes too long to load. In fact, slow loading speeds is one of the main reasons for an unfavorable bounce rate. It can be caused due to various factors such as large images, outdated web hosting technologies, poor performing themes, etc. A quick fix to these problems by redesigning your website can improve its speed. 

Stick Shift

Ensure that you do not remain in second gear by having a responsive website.

Competitor Website

Is your competitors' website outshining you? A constant check on your competitors' website is also necessary to maintain the standard of your website. If the competitors' website development plan is well designed, it could be a major reason as to why your visitors are being pulled away from your website to theirs - even if your products and services are superior! Update your website with the latest technology of web developing applications.

Lifting Barbell

Do whatever it takes to remain a step ahead of your competition.

Is it time to Redesign?


Did all of this light a fire under you to take another look at your website?


Now that you have read through this article, does your website seem old to you with outdated trends, or your web host may not have enough web development tools to update your website? So what do you do now?


It's time for a change.

Web Design1.1.png

If it's been forever since your website’s last update or refresh, you are in danger of falling behind, or have already begun to. Your website may require a fresh look and plan. The latest technology and web development solutions can offer various benefits to your website. Redesigning and developing your website, keeping current trends in mind, and updating features will help you stand out from your competitors in this digital world.


If you are ready for it and wondering how to begin, experts at Newlit Technologies will help you with an advanced website development plan.


Our highly experienced full-stack web developers and backend web development team design a custom-based website development plan keeping the audience in mind.


CMS and Marketing Automation Platform is the specialty of our web development agency.

Also, our integrated digital marketing team focuses on your SEO, marketing automation processes, and digital advertising to build a real return on investment.


Get in touch today for a free consultation and quote to make a streamline, quicker, reliable and advanced website with Newlit Technologies
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