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5 Mistakes Almost Every Business Makes with Digital Marketing

On what scale would you rank your Digital Marketing Strategy?


In this Advanced Digital Era, digital marketing is very important for reaching out to your audience and engaging them through various digital platforms. But do you know how effective is your Digital Marketing Strategy at showing up when your customers are looking for you?


Oftentimes, businesses make mistakes while incorporating their Digital Marketing tactics. These mistakes are what hinders them from succeeding in this Digital world. It may feel like your business is doing okay with digital marketing, but yet they are not giving you the desired results. 


Let's talk about some of the common Digital Marketing mistakes which almost every business makes, and help you identify your Digital Marketing Strategy and correct the things you or your team might be doing wrong.


Here are the 5 digital marketing mistakes your business should avoid:

Neglecting Website Design


A website plays an important role in Digital Marketing. Your Website acts as the face of your business. It's the very first place your customers come to look up your brand. Having a user-friendly and well designed website is a must for every business in this digital era. 


Many times, companies make one of the most common digital marketing mistakes - neglecting their website. Customers engage with the website if it's easy to navigate and provides valuable information. Companies need to put effort into optimizing their site to ensure they provide a positive user experience and do not fall behind the competition. One way to optimize and redesign your website is to invest in reliable web designing and development services. Generally, a free and low-cost website plan provides slow speed, low server space, and no uptime guarantee. When it comes to website development plans, you cannot compromise and you need to go with the best. 


Targeting the Wrong Audience


The biggest digital marketing blunder you can make is trying to appeal to everyone. Businesses tend to target the wrong audience, due to which their marketing campaigns become avoidable for most of the intended demographic. You need to think of your audience like a game of a dart - aim in a manner so that you hit the board and score. The very first step of a marketing campaign for any business is to define its exact target audience and then adjust its online marketing activity accordingly. Targeting too broad an audience to reach more people can be a waste of time and money.

Target Audience.png
Targeting the wrong audience could lead to this picture - an empty room!

Creating a buyer persona can be one of the most effective methods for targeting the right audience and finding the correct demographic. This represents the personal profile of your target audience like age, location, gender, interest, etc. This will help you design and craft your ad targeting and messaging. To understand buyer personas, you need to dig deep into the available data. You can check the demographics of your customers who are already buying from you, surf over social media analytics, and explore the website. This will not just help you in understanding your target audience, but also be helpful to see what the competition is up to.

Underestimating the importance of SEO


SEO is about how your customers find you over the internet. In this digital era, SEO has been more crucial than ever. To get proper exposure on Google, your website needs to rank on the top page, and to achieve this, you need SEO analysis of your website to be done. Also, improper SEO strategies incorporated into your business can stop you from reaching new and valuable leads for your business. Every business must keep this in mind: SEO is a marathon in Digital marketing, and your business must be consistent with its SEO efforts to rank high and maintain its position. 


Generally, SEO has various aspects, and all these aspects are equally important. On-page SEO generally optimizes individual pages on your website, and ensures that your website contains relevant content and keywords. One must keep in mind that relevant keywords are also included in the meta title and descriptions of your website for better ranking. Keywords play a major role in SEO optimization. Your website pages must be optimized with relevant keywords for heading and subheadings as well.


Off-page SEO helps websites take action out of it. One of the major tactics for off-page SEO could be creating blog articles for another website and linking it to your website. Technical SEO optimization enables businesses to identify page loading time, secure connection, and responsive website design.


The elements that are included in SEO optimization are right keywords, quality content, image optimization, backlinks, URL, and mobile-friendliness.


SEO is a fast-changing game in Digital Marketing and one must be on their toes to keep up with the ever-changing trends in SEO strategy.

SEO Analysis.png

Ignoring Blogs


Every website must have a blog. Research states that marketers who blog generate 67% more business leads.


Blogs are essential for a website to increase its traffic. Strategic Blogging can help the business focus on providing real value to their customer. This not only helps to increase visibility and grow organic traffic, but also enables businesses to build their relationship with prospective customers.


Blogging is one of the creative ways to interact with your customers - let people comment on your blogs, as this acts as a great place for you to get feedback.


As we all know, content is the king of marketing, and digital marketing could be in the form of videos, infographics or blog posts. Consumers would like to invest their time and money in your brand if they know you are knowledgeable in your specific industry. But if you are lacking in providing content which can showcase this, users may then not see your value. In this case, blogs act as the best tool to provide important and informative information to its users. To make your content valuable, focus on the real and perceived need of your audience. Ensure you include vibrant imagery, infographics, videos, photos, animations in your blogs to reinforce your message. Your business can reap various benefits if you make sure you are creating and publishing high quality, well-researched content that is relevant to the audience.

Get people to interact with your brand via the comment section on well-researched blog posts.

Expecting Results Overnight


Last but not least, many a time businesses often get demotivated when they don't see an immediate result out of their digital marketing strategy. One needs to understand that Digital Marketing campaigns and tactics need time to succeed. Campaigns which run on Social Media platforms take approximately a week to show analytics which can points to its success rate. The output of SEO practices is usually seen after a period of 2-3 months or maybe even more. The quick accessibility and rapid development of the online world have made decision-makers wrongly think that Digital Marketing is a magical shortcut to their end goals.


Digital Marketing takes time. It targets people, it takes time to reach them and make them notice your brand among the crowd in the market. It takes time for the Digital Marketing process to win their attention and engage them to convert them into your potential customers. It may also happen that the customer may engage with your brand online but it may take a lot of time on their part to get exposed before engaging. 

The only way one can achieve results in digital marketing is by being consistent and constantly trying out new ways and trends to attract an audience and retain them. 

Digital Marketing Priority.png
Don't be worried if you've missed out on successful digital marketing methodologies in the past. Look to the future instead!

Learn from mistakes and take action


Nobody is perfect. Don't be discouraged if you realize that your business is making a mistake with any of the Digital Marketing strategies which you employ. The very first step you take is to acknowledge where you are going wrong. As with everything else in life, once you recognize your mistake, take proper steps to correct the error. 


Here’s something else as well that you should know about.


A lot of mistakes in Digital Marketing are connected. Sometimes correcting one mistake can help you with another one, but can also give rise to another mistake unknowingly. 


To avoid these Digital Marketing blunders, you can rely on experts to manage your Digital Marketing strategy. At Newlit Technologies, our team of digital experts design a robust plan focused on building and developing brand identity. ​Our advanced website development team uses the latest trends and practices to analyze your website design and raise the SEO ranking. ​We help businesses to increase its potential customer reach via various campaigns across all social media platforms effectively.

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