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5 Ways ERP Can Enhance Growth in 2021

Technology has been improving the efficiency of business practices around the globe. Today, thousands of businesses in India are reaping its benefits and transforming their business models overnight.


One of the most essential and effective Digital Transformation tools for any business is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. This software helps businesses manage and integrate all their business processes and operations into a singular, holistic platform. ERP software is considered to be a Strategic Digital Transformational tool for business management.


There is no such business that faces zero challenges for remaining competitive in today’s environment. A well planned ERP solution is needed to manage, access, and store all the business information. Integration of effective and efficient ERP software can help businesses automate their various business tasks, enabling employees to be more productive.


Here are a few major ways that ERP software can enhance your business growth in 2021


Cost Reduction


Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps businesses identify their time consuming, day-to-day business operations and implement processes that can improve efficiencies in every department. Businesses can automate tedious tasks like accounting, reporting, etc. to reduce cost and optimize employee time so that they can ensure more effective and productive output.


With ERP solutions, businesses can not just reduce their cost and save time, but can also minimize human errors. The transformation of data from one part of the system to another becomes more manageable without any chance of error. This enables businesses to achieve more desirable outcomes and profits with a key to efficiency and consistency for various business processes.


One of the major reasons business go for an ERP solution is to reduce cost - is that your goal as well?

Customer Relationship Management


Today, customers are looking for a positive experience with the brand, which means much more than simply enjoying their product. The CRM system, which is a part of ERP, helps you manage your business relations with clients and customers in a variety of ways. With a robust ERP solution, businesses can get in-depth insights into customer behavior and interaction with tracking and recording. This information can be stored in a central database and make it easier to update the data as and when needed. With the integration of ERP Software, businesses can become more resilient towards their customers' needs and desires. ERP software with a CRM system not just improves customer satisfaction, but ultimately improves customer loyalty, company credibility, and profitability.


Keeping the focus on the customer is a key aspect of ERP.

Integration and Collaboration


ERP software consists of standalone solutions that enable the integration of various departments in the organization. Employees from various departments can access the same information in real-time, enabling clearer decision making. Not only internal, but also external collaboration is possible with robust ERP software. From suppliers and distributors to customers, electronic communication with standardized processes will help businesses in generating purchase orders, tracking shipments, sending invoices, and much more.


A fully integrated platform provided by ERP enables one to analyze, monitor, and perform the majority of a data-driven tasks quickly and effectively. Cloud ERP systems ensure seamless communication across various departments to work in sync and make smarter and timely decisions.


Tracking and Visibility


ERP systems provide comprehensive visibility. It can track and tell your team what production, supply, and inventory needs are gauged by product demand. With advanced technology, businesses can track their process from manufacturing up to the delivery of the finished product. It also enables tracking information sales, production-related statistics, and staff productivity with an update to any related important information. With this software, the business can carry out its process with the elimination of individual departments to maintain and look after and continue the uninterrupted workflow.


Data-Driven Decision Making


ERP software enables businesses to manage and organize their data neatly within a software. With this, it greatly enhances their decision-making process. It also helps in data analysis which enables access to important business data and provides the tools needed to reach an organization’s productivity and efficiency. Integration of ERP software benefits in eliminating the duplicate data which fills up the storage space. 


This analyzed data not just helps businesses take smarter decisions, but also discovers various opportunities and make the right decision in the fastest way.

What’s the next step?

It's time to replace your disparate and legacy system with an advanced ERP software solution which will enhance your business growth in the upcoming year and accelerate its performance. Surfing through various solutions in the market that best suit your business could be a daunting task. But still, it's about time your business begins to integrate ERP software solutions into your operations to manage your business process efficiently. 

At Newlit Technologies we ensure that any ERP software solution best fits your business model to make sure you are on the right track from day one.

So, if you are interested in increasing the speed and accuracy of your daily operation and business process with the significant goal to save time money and resources, get in touch with Newlit Technologies today.

We can help you with seamless integration of your sales, operations, administration, accounting, and various platforms, into one powerful, easy-to-use system.

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