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Short Case Studies

Demos and Pitch Deck

An AI Startup with a US Patented Algorithm had reached a stage where they required a partnership or funding to ensure the business remains sustainable. However, due to the fact that their Algorithm is abstract in concept, the task was not only to create a pitch deck, but also communicate the variety of potential use cases. Our video production team worked with them to create Use Cases videos. We were able to show products that were still 2-3 years away from being a reality. This, along with our extensive pitch deck, enabled this startup to get into a partnership with a leading video conferencing platform to integrate their algorithm within the platform.

Software Dev and Corporate Deck

An entertainment company wanted to showcase the potential for shared choice-making within a Virtual Reality ecosystem for movies filmed specifically for VR. While the technology for this had begun to be developed, it was not at the stage where it could be demoed. We built a serious of videos and use case presentations to not only showcase what the final product would look like, but also created a sample technical demo with our internal software development team, and built a robust corporate deck which enabled the company to hold a series of high level, strategic meetings with cinema multiplexes. Today, on the basis of our work, a large film studio has invested in their company to accelerate their work.

Sales and Digital Marketing

A mindfulness and wellness startup had reached a crucial juncture - their MVP was ready, however they had to find clients to test and run pilots of their mindfulness platform, using the results to engage in larger conversations of funding with an angel investor. Our team worked on optimizing their SEO and website content, and created in-house ads to run on social media platforms, Google Ads, all the while ensuring the ideal customer profile is also being built. Through these activities, our sales team engaged with leads on behalf of our client, and were responsible for directly closing pilot runs with four large clients. The data from this, in turn, was used to build a pitch deck which enabled our client to today reach an agreement and are close to signing a term sheet. Not only that, but they have also contracted us to outsource their entire digital marketing work for the next five years to our team after seeing the results.

Customer Engagement

A B2C fresh juice startup wanted to create a buzz around their brand since they were launching several new products at the same time. We created an offline and online campaign which asked people to submit the best designs for eco-friendly packaging and held a mini festival to celebrate the winners. The winning designer worked with the product team and a limited edition of the eco-friendly packaging was released for the new products. This campaign enabled the startup to get noticed by competitors and are now in acquisition talks with a major FMCG company. 

Digital Marketing

A local business was having trouble standing out in a saturated market as a latecomer, and sales were decreasing month by month. Using SEO, content creation, paid ads, campaign management and social media domain expertise, we were able to align the brand ethos with their core demographic, to not only increase sales, but brand value as well to become the leading brand in their local market.

Business Operations

A logistics company which specializes in providing large factory machinery wanted to find ways to better explain their product to prospective customers, and to bring some form of interactivity with the huge machines before they are purchased. Our team of designers created an interactive Virtual Reality experience which not only served as a means to explain the complicated machinery in a virtual (and visual!) world, but also allowed prospective customers to gauge the specifications, dimensions, and features by simply wearing a VR headset. This led to higher-than-ever customer acquisition for the company in their next financial quarter. 


An offline brand was suffering deep losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and required a quick pivot to save their struggling business. We designed and built an e-commerce solution and converted their business into an online-only model, where they were not only able to save costs on a physical store, but were able to sell their inventory to a tech-savvy generation of consumers who otherwise had not interacted with their brand.

Sales Training

A home appliances distributor company was facing difficulties in reducing the turnaround time for training sales agents on the latest appliances, due to the amount of extra manpower required to accomplish the same. We built a custom Virtual Reality solution which not only reduced manpower (since it was virtual!), but also drastically reduced training turnaround time and costs. Additionally, the distributor was able to retrain staff and get analytics on which staff had peak performance, thus increasing the ability to identify and retain high value agents.

HR Solution

A large scale FMCG brand was facing difficulties in keeping up with the surge of demand for career positions at their organization. We decided to replace their traditional model with a custom-built ERP solution which allowed their HR personnel to easily track, organize, manage, and analyze prospective applicants, both in bulk and at a deeper level than ever before. Due to the success of the ERP solution, the company decided to move all careers work onboarding to the platform as well.


A primary school was looking for ways to cut costs while acquiring new students at the same time. We changed their entire business model by integrating a Learning Management System for their students. Not only that, but they were also able to hire teachers with a greater pedigree not bound to geographical constraints! We also ran a 360 campaign about the importance of saving the environment, since their neighborhood had a large focus on green initiatives, which increased the year-on-year student acquisition by over 20%.

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