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Worry a little less, 

organise a little more!

With treatbook, your personal health coach.

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treatbook is an all-in-one smart healthcare app specifically designed to take care of you and your loved ones, in every possible way. Designed by experts, treatbook enables you to take care of every essential aspect of your health - directly from your phone!

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Track your essential vitals

Log in your vitals and automatically generate reports based on your vital history to understand how your health has changed over time. Share these reports with your caretakers, doctors, or even your concerned loved ones at any time.

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Build your doctors list

Keep a record of your doctors and all their essential information so it is handy when you or your family needs it the most!

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Record symptoms as they happen

Feel like an illness is creeping up on you? Keep a track of your symptoms as they happen, so you can observe changes and let your doctors know later. 

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Never lose track of your medicines

Taking multiple medications, and have trouble keeping track of when to take them? Or handling the medications of your family members? Don't worry, treatbook will remind you when to take them!

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Take care of your body and mind

Feeling low and not sure why? Our tests, which follow international protocols, are designed to help you gain insightful understanding of your mental wellbeing.

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Motivate yourself for a better quality of life

Use our custom health score index to find new ways to improve your wellbeing, including things you may not have thought of before. You may be surprised by how the smallest of changes have the biggest of impacts!

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To take better care of your health, and worry a little less while organizing a little more, download treatbook today.

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