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Sophisticated inventory and delivery management system

Custom-built, end-to-end system designed to digitally track and manage
resources. With a seamlessly integrated system merging inventory management, order management, and delivery management, it is a holistic and structured approach towards the handling of any kind of shipment scale.
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Inventory Management
Track inventory levels, orders, and deliveries to efficiently manage resources in real-time.

Facilitate - Centralized inventory storage and maintenance of existing and new inventory with an easy-to-use interface.

Security - High level security and data protection to ensure sensitive information remains within a closed ecosystem.

Organise - Keep inventory organised with vital details like prices, cost, availability, and update changes in inventory in real-time.

Integration - Complete integration with order and delivery management systems for seamless and end-to-end communication about inventory 


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Order Management
Secure Login IDs, seamless order placement system, manage and track purchase orders, and Order Updates with approval management automatically to improve efficiency and accuracy.
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Initiate - Easy-to-use order placement, tracking, and processing system for customers, integrated into their dedicated Customer ID


Status - Full control of order status for different configurations; accept or reject orders, auto-reject orders not matching predetermined criteria, etc. 


Track - Auto-generate QR Code / Barcodes for package tracking from point of order to delivery 


Delivery - Notify shipping and delivery team when an item is ready to be picked up from point of order in an automated system 

Delivery Management
Easy-to-use database tool which automates the entire process of delivering a product starting from the order received to delivering the package. This will ensure that the order has been delivered accurately at the right place, time and with utmost safety.

Track - Track movement and provide more control for shipment monitoring 


Status - Real-time status updating system for accurate tracking, including estimated delivery date 


Monitor - Easy-to-use order tracking, and processing system for customers, integrated into their dedicated Customer ID


GPS - GPS tracking to monitor package post shipment, ensuring automated and constant communication on delivery with customers

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