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Why You Should Do A Website Audit Today

Your website is not just the face of your business, but also the backbone of your online presence.


Research states that 88% of your consumers will visit your website before making any purchase. This also means that, today, the importance of websites for marketing has extended to every aspect of the Digital Marketing Strategy of your business. 


Since a website is the backbone of your online presence, every piece of information, communication, marketing tactic you put online drives consumers back to your website. It is important for the website to give a clear picture of what your brand is and what your product and service offerings are to the customer. To ensure you maintain your online presence and reputation, it is important for your business to have a Website Audit periodically.

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When we talk about Digital Marketing, it starts with an audit. Since your website has now become an essential part of your marketing, conducting a website analysis will help your business increase its online presence.


What is a Website Audit?


Website Audit is the process of evaluating all the aspects that affect the visibility of your website on search engines. It gives a complete overview of the website architecture - from your technical issues to your content. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the current effectiveness of your website and shows you where you may need to further optimize and improve the performance of your site. This ensures that you are offering the best user experience to your users and the best crawling experience to the search engine.


Here are some reasons why you need a Website Audit:

Track Your Website Performance


Website performance is significant for a successful website. You need to have a check on your website to ensure its performance is better. In this fast-paced world, visitors get frustrated if a website takes a long time to load. You may lose out your customer if your website is taking more than five seconds to load and can cost your business, as well as a decline in search engine ranking. Users tend to visit websites which deliver a high-performance and user-friendly experience. A Website Audit will help you understand and inspect the technical framework of your website and analyze how user friendly it is for your users to navigate.

Improve Search Engine Optimization 


Do you know that search engine algorithms often keep changing? Your website could be in danger if you don't keep up with these changes. 


Website Analysis helps you determine the SEO opportunity you might have missed out on and poor or improper SEO strategies framed throughout the content of your website. The most common issues of SEO include: Irrelevant Keyword, Keyword stuffing, Wrong type of Content, Missing quality backlinks, etc.


With the help of Website Analysis, you can modify your SEO practice for your website, keeping in mind your users and search engine, while keeping up with changes in the algorithms to ensure better optimization of your website.


So now rather than wondering why your website does not rank well, you can focus on your website SEO efforts.

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Ensure your analytics are seeing steady growth by increasing your focus on SEO best practices today.

Boost Conversation Rate


Wouldn't you like to attract more customers to interact with your website? Or receive more subscriptions through your website?


All businesses might have this in common, but the question is: how can it be possible?


The only way to ensure your customer interacts on your website - whether by submitting the lead form or getting a quote - entirely depends on how well-optimized your site is. Appropriate and relevant content, easy to navigate, along with a well-designed website layout are some of the key things that attract your customers and make them stay on your website, rather than moving to the competitors.  If you are losing out on your conversation rate, a website analysis can help you understand how users move through your website, the actions taken by them and what made them leave your website. Also, it enables you to conduct your content audit and detect any issues related to your content such as Alt tags, broken links, meta descriptions, etc. and secure you from falling in SEO ranking.

Pool Depth

Dive into the deep end by making conversion rate boosting a priority for your digital presence.

Data Privacy


Data privacy is an important concern in today’s time. Many websites are susceptible to website hacking. Website Audit helps you determine if at any point you are collecting consumer’s sensitive information without their permission or in any other way that may compromise the privacy of that data. Also, when you scan a network request, it enables you to keep a check if it contains any Personally Identifiable Information - PII. Website Security Audit enables you to identify the vulnerabilities to security breaches and also prevents compromising sensitive information of a business or its visitors.

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Don't forget about taking data privacy seriously.

Site Health Audit


This examines the performance and usability of your website and also helps in identifying the unrealized gaps in content structure, technical gaps, website speed, site architecture, etc. Furthermore, it also brings you across the new opportunities for key performance indicators - KPIs.


Website Security Audit


Businesses often pay more attention to the design and layout of their website, but tend to neglect the security part. Website Security is also a significant component of the website audit. Website Security Audit will help you identify the vulnerabilities of security breaches and prevent the leak of business and its customers' information.


Penalty and Recovery Audit


Penalty recovery - also called Red Flag Recovery - reveals the manual and algorithms penalties. Overlooking these penalties can cause a direct negative effect on search engine ranking. Recovery Audit on these penalties gives you suggestions on the recovery of your website.

Accountant Records

Don't think of auditing as a burden - let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Content Audit


A website that contains similar or duplicate content confuses search engines. Content Audit reveals how good your website content is and identifies the gaps in content structure, meta description, alt tags, broken links, similar or duplicate content, etc. It's essential for you to conduct a Content Audit of your website to ensure you create unique and engaging content to attract your visitors.


Conversion Rate Optimization Audit


The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audit helps you understand how the conversion occurs in terms of movement of users through your website, the actions they take, and what prevents them from conversion. It provides detailed insights to the web owner on how to convert web traffic and also increase leads by developing a strategic landing page. CRO Audit gets answers to your questions like Where to optimize, What to optimize, and Whom to optimize for.


Competitor Website Audit


Knowing how your competitor is moving is a difficult task. Competitor site audits usually help to understand competitive advantages and accordingly, you can revamp your process and navigate challenges in your market. Competitor Website Audit creates advantages for your business growth. 

Does Your Website Require an Audit?


How long has it been you’ve kept a check on your website? A periodical check and an update on your website is a must to ensure you keep generating web traffic and search rankings. A Website Audit inspects your Website and tracks the errors on your website. It also discovers the improvement required on your web page to boost your website SEO. Regular Website Analysis keeps business agile and aligned with Google's best practices. Website Analysis is a key measure to maintain and improve your website’s efficiency and visibility over the internet.

Website Audit brings in an exponential opportunity for the Online Growth of your business.

Are you Ready To Get Started?

Newlit Technologies' in-house team of SEO and Website Audit experts offer all the auditing services listed above, to ensure that your business stays one step ahead of the curve. Get in touch today to learn how we can transform your website with effective and powerful audits, within a quick turnaround time and cost-effective offers.

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